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Dr. Graveyard and Dr. Graveyard Jr. talking about Paws Patrol Pet Rescue saving Tombstone and Marble   http://youtu.be/u2SUEUCpW90


Dr. Graveyard jr.


Judy Yates


Tombstone and Marble

Tombstone and Marble work with me in the cemeteries during the fall and winter months by carrying my equipment in Saddlebags as well as being protection for me. Both dogs were on “death row” because they were owner give up, which are the first to be euthanized if animal pound is full. My two loves were rescued by a wonderful Mesquite,Texas 501c3 rescue group called Paws Patrol Pet Rescue. Don’t purchase dogs from pet stores or puppy mills! Save a life and make a lifelong friendship by adopting from your local pound or rescue group.